Biceps On Toast

Loosen Your Quads

Loosen Your Quads

Stretch Your Quad in a Lunge


An advanced (or at least an intermediate) move, the kneeling lunge can really “get” the quads.  You'll feel the stretch in your back leg.  Your front leg is positioned such to keep you balanced and stable.


As with other variations on a quad stretch, bringing your butt toward the back of your thigh will help accentuate the experience.  Accentuate it even further by gently bending your front knee and ankle forward, allow your body to come along -  again keeping the lower butt toward the back of your thigh as you do this. Use this tip in increments for the best result.  In other words, move forward just a little and stay and stretch. 


Performing a  lunge means that one side does something different than the other.  If you have sacroiliac joint instability or scoliosis, tread with caution.  You don't absolutely have to do a lunge in order to relax your quadriceps muscles.  Great quad stretches can be had with either of the other two versions shown in this article.  Or you can try a standing stretch.

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