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What is Dynamic Stability

What is Dynamic Stability

Dynamic stabilization refers to the body's ability to support the movements you make.


Dynamic stabilization exercises target your core posture muscles.  By keeping your trunk steady as you move one or more of your extremities, you can begin to develop your dynamic stabilization. (It doesn't matter which direction you move your arms or legs.)


For people with weak trunk stabilizer muscles -- the abdominal and back muscles especially -- arm and/or leg movement may cause a corresponding movement of the trunk.


This type of responsive trunk movement often indicates weakness in the core. Weakness in core posture muscles may cause or increase joint stress and/or back pain. Dynamic stabilization exercises may help strengthen the core, which in turn may help relieve or manage your back pain.


Dynamic stabilization exercises are used in physical therapy clinics for people with upper and lower back pain. They are also taught in yoga, Pilates, and other core-strengthening programs.



Lie on your back. Position yourself with good spinal alignment. Keep your trunk stationary while you lift your arms up and down slowly. By keeping your trunk still as you move your arms, you may build abdominal and other core posture muscles. These are trunk stabilizer muscles that become stronger when you do dynamic stabilization exercises.



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